AUTISM-POLAND Association founded in 1998 as a voluntary and unincorporated union of organizations

in 2019 obtained legal personality - officially registered in the National Court Register as a union of associations

founded in 1998 Poland’s only umbrella association uniting various non-governmental organizations

Currently 26 member organizations – from all over Poland

majority of the members were founded by parents of individuals with ASD

it does not provide direct support to individuals or families

platform for organizations acting for the benefit of autistic persons


improve life quality of individuals with ASD and their families, and foster inclusion

contribute to implementing the UN Disabled Persons’ Rights Convention in Poland

develop and support non-governmental organizations which act for the benefit of individuals with ASD and their families

consolidate the group, act together and build a strong common voice

represent persons with ASD and associated organizations towards public authorities and institutions

promote knowledge and awareness of ASD

promote advocacy activities and support ASD self-advocates

promote access to education, training, health care and employment, as well as life-long support in the community

annual nationwide conferences under the auspices of AUTISM-POLAND ASSOCIATION

common statement on ethical aspects of therapy of autistic persons in 2006

launching of the Early Detection of ASD Program “Badabada” in 2013

annual campaign Light it up blue for autism on 2nd of April - WAAD in Poland

cooperation with parliament, ministries, Commissioners for Civil Rights Protection, Government Plenipotentiaries for Disabled People

initiation of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism in 2001, appointed by Members of Parliament, and its continuation during all consecutive Parliament’s terms

adoption of the Charter of Rights of Persons with Autism by Polish Parliament in 2013

introducing a separate code for pervasive developmental disorders into the disability adjudication system in Poland in 2010

adoption of regulations on increasing of public means for education of a student with ASD, (10 times higher when compared to a neurotypical student!)

supervising and consulting hundreds of draft legal acts

consolidating organizations and community to act for the benefit of persons with ASD

improvement of access to diagnosis (free of charge), for children / teenagers / adults and further development of Early Detection of ASD program “Badabada”

impact on the reform of children and adults psychiatric services system

expanding the scope of inclusive education for persons with ASD at all education levels

elaboration of new initiatives and strategies, e.g. Community-based Housing and Living Services Concept and consulting various government programs

raising influence of self-advocacy and families of persons with ASD

promoting knowledge and raising public awareness and understanding of ASD

joining Autism-Europe and being its active member

joining in efforts to advance the rights of persons with ASD and to improve their and their families lives

impact on European Union’s policies - as a part of the key representative network in Europe of autistic people and their families

cooperate with other partner associations and organizations from other member countries - exchange of information, good practices and experience

contribute and participate in research and innovative, scientific projects